4 Ways To Fix Your Boiler Before Calling An Engineer

If your boiler is not working properly then you can try some DIY steps before calling the engineer. Don’t panic, just try out some simple steps that might help you repair the boiler problem.

Below are 4 ways that you can try yourself

  • Re Pressurise your boiler
  • Reset Your Boiler
  • Bleed Your Radiators
  • Change Your Thermostat Batteries


Re Pressurize Your Boiler

  • Check the water pressure indicator on your boiler. If the pressure is below 1 then it’s too low and you need to re pressurize your boiler.
  • Find out boilers filling loop
  • Turn the boiler off
  • Make sure that ends of the hose are attached to the valves
  • Open the valves for the water to fill up the system
  • Close the valves when boiler pressure reaches 1.5, and switch the boiler on


Reset Your Boiler

  • Sometimes it’s as easy as resetting your boiler. If you don’t already know where the boiler
  • If first reset doesn’t work, you should try another reset


Bleed Your Radiators

  • Try to identify which of the radiators are not warm
  • Once done, turn off the central heating. After cooling, attach the radiator to the valve
  • Turn the key anti clockwise. If you hear the hissing sound means gas is escaping
  • Close the valves when the gas has escaped completely


Change Thermostat Batteries

  • Find out battery removal slots
  • Replace old batteries with the new ones
  • It may take a few days for the low battery warning sign to go away

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