Annual Service Completed on Ideal Logic Boiler in Mersey Road

Annual service on Ideal Logic boiler in Mersey Road, Sale by Manchester Plumbing and Heating (Sale)


  • Mersey Road, Sale M33 6HL

Property Type:

  • Terraced House

Boiler Type:

Annual Service Completed on Ideal Logic Boiler in Mersey Road - Manchester Plumbing and Heating (Sale)

Job Report

Manchester Plumbing and Heating (Sale) has completed an annual service for a natural gas boiler at a terraced house located at Mersey Road, Sale M33 6HL. This comprehensive report summarises the procedures carried out, findings from the service, and our professional recommendations.

Service Overview:
The service targeted a natural gas boiler of the Ideal Logic model, which was reportedly noisy upon firing. Our team of certified technicians undertook several crucial steps to ensure the boiler’s functionality and safety:

Visual Inspection:

  • A thorough inspection of the boiler and its associated pipework for any evident issues or wear.

Operational Check:

  • Evaluation of the boiler’s overall operation to ensure it runs smoothly.

Component Cleaning and Inspection:

  • Remove the boiler casing for direct access to internal components.
  • Cleaning of the fan and gas jet was significantly clogged with dirt.
  • Flushing the burner with clean water and removing debris from the burner area.

Pressure and Flow Checks:

  • Examine gas pressure and flow to ensure they conform to standard operational specifications.

Flue and Combustion Analysis:

  • Both external and internal visual inspections of the flue.
  • Execution of flue gas analysis and a comprehensive gas safety check.

From the annual boiler service, key issues were identified and addressed:

  • The fan jet, initially clogged with dirt, was thoroughly cleaned.
  • The system pressure was topped up to meet the required levels.
  • The flue gas analysis confirmed that emissions are within safe and acceptable limits.

For continued efficiency and safety of the boiler, we recommend the following measures:

  • Regular Annual Service: Scheduling yearly services to maintain system efficiency and safety.
  • System Maintenance: Implementing a power flush to clear any sediment and dosing with an anti-corrosion inhibitor to prolong the system’s lifespan. Additionally, a new fibre washer was installed to fix a leak at the boiler connection.

The boiler at Mersey Road is in relatively good condition post-service and is expected to continue functioning safely and effectively. Our suggested annual services and maintenance measures will help sustain its operational integrity and prevent future complications.

Ensuring regular maintenance and adhering to the recommended service schedule is crucial for your boiler’s longevity and efficiency. Manchester Plumbing and Heating (Sale) is dedicated to providing reliable and professional services to keep your heating systems in prime condition.

To arrange your next Ideal boiler service or for more information, please contact Manchester Plumbing and Heating (Sale). Our expert team is ready to address all your boiler and heating requirements.


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