Annual Service on Vaillant Exo Tec Undertaken

Annual service on a customers Vaillant Eco Tec in Sale.


  • Oulton Avenue, Sale M33 2NB

Property Type:

  • 3 Bed Semi Detached

Boiler Type:

  • Vaillant Exo Tec

Annual Service on Vaillant Exo Tec Undertaken - Manchester Plumbing and Heating (Sale)

Job Report

Gas Type: Natural Gas Boiler

Routine Service:

  • Visual inspection of boiler and associated pipework
  • Check of boiler operation
  • Removal of boiler casing to inspect components, removed burner
  • Cleaning of boiler components, flushed out burner and replaced ignition electrodes
  • Check of gas pressure and flow
  • Check of flue internally and externally and check combustion
  • Carried out a flue gas analysis and gas safety check


  • Boiler is operating safely and efficiently
  • Flue gas analysis test results within acceptable limits


  • Boiler service is recommended annually
  • System requires a full system power flush and dosing with an anti corrosion inhibitor


Boiler seems to be in good working order and should continue to operate safely and efficiently for the years to come.

An annual boiler service is recommended to ensure that the boiler remains in good working order and to detect any issues going forward.


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