Why Is My Boiler Making A Banging Noise?

Are you wondering why is my boiler making a banging noise?

Banging noise is often referred to as kittling when it comes to boilers.

This banging noise usually is an indication of buildup of dirt, debris and rust on the surfaces of heat exchanger. This build up restricts the flow of water and the water starts to boil locally. This generates steam and you hear the noise from that. 

How to fix the banging noise?

This banging noise or kittling can usually be fixed by removing the buildup of the debris, rust or dust from the pipes. This is achieved by having your boiler power flushed. In this process they pass water and chemicals through the pipes that dissolves and removes the debris. There could also be a buildup in the boiler tank. So check the boiler tank and if you find evidence for buildup then flush it out. The buildup in tank can also restrict water flow.

While talking about banging noise I also want to mention the whistling sound. This is different than the kittling. If you hear whistling noise coming from your pipes it means there is air in the pipes and you need to get it out. In this case find the bleed screw and bleed the air out.


Remember your safety always comes first. Boiler is a serious business and can cause an explosion resulting in serious injuries. This is why it is always a good idea to call a gas certified expert to look into your boiler issues and have them repair your boiler.

You could even lose your company warranty if you mess with boiler yourself or call in a person who is not a certified gas expert.

These are the most common issues that cause banging and whistling noise. You do not have to be afraid if you hear it but call someone soon to flush the system out. If you let it going for a long time it can damage your boiler system.


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