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Emergency Boiler Repairs Manchester

Having a broken or leaking boiler can be a very stressful time for many people, especially if you have a family or are elderly. As a reputable boiler Servicing company in Manchester we are committed to:

  • Arrive on time for our appointment
  • Repair your boiler as soon as possible
  • Ensure original boiler parts are supplied as a priority
  • Advise you of progress in servicing and repairing your boiler
  • Suggest ways of maintaining your heating system

Our boiler breakdown service is extremely reliable with our excellent reputation covering the whole of the Manchester area. We have many years qualified engineering expertise and experience to back it up.

On-going boiler servicing and maintenance ensures the energy efficiency and longevity of your home’s heating system.

Our gas boiler engineers can service and fix most models of boilers. Our repairers are Gas-Safe registered and offer an expert service, guaranteed original parts and warranties on repairs.

All our work is guaranteed from faulty workmanship for 5 years providing we service and maintain the system and boiler on an annual basis.

Boilers are an integral part of our homes. They provide us with heat, hot water. So, when one needs a repair, it’s a priority. And we know that it’s a situation that probably can’t wait. Manchester Plumbing and Heating (Sale)  repair systems all around south Manchester. Our team is expertly trained Gas Safe Engineers, and we will supply an accurate and calculated repair service. All you need to do is call us up and let us know what the issue is. We will come out to your property and diagnose what the problem is and get it fixed as quickly as we can.

Do you need a Boiler Service in Manchester?

Our experience with boilers helps to fix any problem be it big or small.

Trained professionals are on hand to deal with any issue that you may be having with your system or boiler. If it is concerning you or causing you an issue in your everyday life, then we are here to fix it.

We have the experience to diagnose the problem. We combine your description of the issue with what we can see when we arrive. Through this we get an accurate view of what the repair will require, and we endeavor to carry out that repair then and there.

We work extremely hard to ensure that the boiler will be up and running, and completely serviced as soon as possible. You can be rest assured that you are safe hands.

We offer Competitive, Honest Pricing and Good Value

Whether your boiler requires an emergency repair or just a routine service, we understand how important it is to feel like you’re in safe hands. We don’t believe in hidden costs – at Manchester Plumbing And Heating (Sale), we only charge reasonable and honest prices for our services. We want to ensure you have good value for your money from our work.

Our Services Include

  • Fully qualified, gas registered engineers
  • Emergency breakdown repairs
  • Experienced repair specialists


There are many issues we come across on a regular basis that may indicate your boiler is in need of an urgent repair. If you think that your boiler is not working correctly because of one of the below issues, please give us a call.

Unfortunately, there could be a lot of reasons for this to happen. Perhaps the boiler won’t fire up, the gas valve has failed, there’s a leak in the central heating system or pipe work or even your heating thermostat is faulty.

  • No hot water
  • Radiators not getting hot
  • Losing pressure on the system
  • Boiler banging or overheating
  • Leaking boiler
  • Boiler not firing up
  • Boiler keeps shutting down
  • Strange noises from the boiler


If you require an emergency repair or an urgent boiler breakdown in Manchester then please don’t hesitate to call us as soon as convenient.

Call now for Professional Boiler Service or repair in Manchester

Boiler installation specialists

• Boiler servicing specialists

• Central heating system repairs and upgrades

• Landlord Gas Safety


Common Questions & Queries

How long will a repair take?

The length of any repair is completely dependent on the fault. We can’t give an exact time for a repair job as every repair is usually a different process.

How much will a repair cost?

We will always estimate a fixed price repair cost before any work is carried out and clearly explain the parts required and what is involved.

We offer competitive prices when compared to other Manchester-based services. And don’t worry, we do not charge extra for an emergency call-out.

What is a room thermostat?

A room thermostat maintains the constant temperature in a room or your house, and also regulates the temperature. It automatically switches on and off your heating system depending on what the surrounding temperature is.

What is a combi boiler?

A combi boiler heats water and provides a house or building with hot water on demand. They heat the hot water as and when it is required and heat the radiator water when there is a demand.

Why use Manchester Plumbing and Heating (Sale)?

  • We are specialists in Boiler installations & repairs
  • We offer a 1st class service
  • Our fees are transparent and upfront
  • No call out charges
  • Competitive pricing
  • Local company you can trust
  • Rated 5 Stars on Google from our valued customers.


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