repairing old boiler

Is it best to keep repairing an old boiler?

Is your boiler having regular repairs and they are taking their toll? Does your boiler struggle to fire up when turned on, or does it make too much noise when running? Are your heating bills expensive? Why not call us for an estimate for a new boiler...

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boiler keeps turning off

Why does my boiler keeps turning off itself

If you are looking to find out possible reasons why your boiler keeps shutting down when you turn it on then you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss the possible causes. There are some issues that you can look into...

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boiler not working

4 Ways To Fix Your Boiler Before Calling An Engineer

If your boiler is not working properly then you can try some DIY steps before calling the engineer. Don’t panic, just try out some simple steps that might help you fix the boiler problem. Below are 4 ways that you can try yourself Re Pressurise your boilerReset...

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boiler losing pressure

What To Do If Boiler Loses Pressure

Do you have a boiler that is losing pressure or has lost pressure? No need to worry. It is quite common and happens to a lot of people. In this article I am going to tell you why a boiler loses pressure and how you...

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Save money on plumbing

How To Save Money On Your Plumbing

Are you wondering how to save money on your plumbing? I am sure you are because everyone thinks about it. Plumbing is a big part of our lives. From shower to cooking we use plumbing all day long. It is only natural that since we...

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boiler noise

Why Is My Boiler Making A Banging Noise?

Are you wondering why is my boiler making a banging noise? Banging noise is often referred to as kittling when it comes to boilers. This banging noise usually is an indication of buildup of dirt, debris and rust on the surfaces of heat exchanger. This build...

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Boiler repair vs replace

When To Repair Vs. When To Replace A Boiler

Are you wondering when to repair vs. when to replace a boiler? Read this post and I will answer that for you. Most of the time you should have no problem repairing the boilers. Majority of the time boilers break because we do not get them serviced...

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Water damage prevention

How Do You Prevent Water Damage?

What are the ways in which you can protect your home from water damage? This is a very important question that each and every homeowner must ask. You need to know how to properly protect your home. Just in case you are going away on...

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