Complete Underfloor Heating System Overhaul at Wynyard Close, Sale M33

Manchester Plumbing and Heating (Sale) completed an extensive overhaul of a failing underfloor heating system in a 1970s semi-detached house at Wynyard Close, Sale. This job report details the diagnostic challenges, repairs undertaken, and the effective restoration of the heating system.


  • Wynyard Close, Sale M33 3JT

Property Type:

  • 1970s Semi Detached

Complete Underfloor Heating System Overhaul at Wynyard Close, Sale M33 - Manchester Plumbing and Heating (Sale)

Job Report

The property’s existing wet underfloor heating system was found to be in disrepair, with significant leaks from the manifold and non-functional heating controls resulting in no heat distribution throughout the home.

Problem Identification:

Issues diagnosed with the underfloor heating system included:

  • Leaking manifold, particularly around the pump, actuators, and mixing valve connections.
  • Inoperative controls across five heating zones, disabling heat output.

1. Manifold and Component Replacement:

  • Remove and replace the old, leaking UFH manifold with a new, high-efficiency model.
  • Install a new Grundfos pump to ensure reliable circulation and heat transfer.
  • Replacement of old actuators with six new Polypipe actuators to enhance control over individual heating zones.

2. Control System Upgrade:

  • Six new Honeywell T3R thermostats will control individual rooms and optimise energy usage.
  • Integrating a new Salus wiring centre to coordinate the new controls, actuators, and pump efficiently.

3. System Testing:

  • We conducted thorough testing to confirm that radiant heat was effectively reaching all areas of the property.

Additional System Maintenance:

  • Power flushed the underfloor heating circuit to remove contaminants and improve system performance.
  • Adjusted the mixing valve to the correct temperature setting for optimal heat distribution.
  • We dosed the system with an anti-corrosion inhibitor to prevent future corrosion and enhance system longevity.

The overhaul and underfloor heating system repair at Wynyard Close has restored full functionality and efficiency, ensuring that the home is comfortably heated. Installing modern controls and a more robust manifold has significantly improved the reliability and power of the heating system.


It is recommended that the homeowner schedule annual servicing of the underfloor heating system to maintain its efficiency and prevent future breakdowns. Regular dosing with an inhibitor is also advised to sustain the system’s integrity.


Comprehensive repairs and upgrades have revamped the underfloor heating system, which has been equipped to provide reliable and efficient heating for many years.


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