DIY Boiler Repairs

DIY Boiler repairs. If you have a problem with your gas boiler, call a gas boiler repair expert that is Gas Safe Registered for advice.

It is illegal in the UK to work on a gas boiler without being Gas Safe Registered. DIY Boiler Repairs are illegal.

Common problems with boilers leaking

Most of the time boiler leaks are very small and don’t cause major problems or damage. In some cases we have attended to leaking boilers where small leaks have ended up damaging components and have corroded parts leading to extensive repairs.

A leaking heat exchanger or water damage to the boiler printed circuit board (PCB) can sometimes result in expensive boiler repairs. If this happens, an option to replace the boiler is worth consideration.

Common issues with leaking boilers are as follows

  • Leaking or cracked heat exchangers.
  • Faulty or broken circulation pump.
  • Expansion vessel is faulty or broken.
  • Damaged of faulty flue. Leaking water/ ingress from rain.
  • Leak from the filling link.
  • The (PRV) pressure relief valve is letting by or has failed.
  • The copper/brass pipework connected to the boiler is leaking.
  • Various internal parts of the boiler are leaking due to corrosion.
  • DIY Boiler Repairs should not be carried out.

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