Preventing Gas Leaks in Residential Areas

Over the past few years, gas leaks and other related incidents, were the major cause of deaths in households. Therefore, it is important to prevent gas leaks at home. So how will you be able to prevent these leaks?

Major Causes of Leaks

There are a number of causes for gas leaks. One of the reasons may be damaged or faulty appliances, including heaters and cooking appliances. If your appliances are damaged, gas may eventually escape into the surrounding areas. Therefore, if you have appliances that you have used for several years now, make sure that you have them checked. You also need to get repair services for the damaged ones.

Danger of Leaks

Leaks are very dangerous as they can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. They may also lead to a fire or an explosion inside the house.

Detection of Leaks

Smelling gas is one of the most important signs of a leak. This is something that you should never ignore. You might also experience some symptoms such as dizziness inside the house. The symptom might disappear when you are outside the house.

There are other signs of gas leaks, including the frequent blow out of your boiler. The colour of the lights and rings on your cooker may turn to orange. Soot might form on the outer portion of your units. Lastly, you might see some signs of condensation inside the house.

What to Do in Case of Leaking

The first thing that you need to do is to shut down your gas inside the house. Make sure that you actually know the location of the valve. This is important just in case a leak happens in the future. You should also open the windows for air circulation. During this time, make sure that you do not use appliances or units that use electricity. You should also avoid lighting up candles to avoid ignition. In cases of severe leaks, make sure to call the emergency line in your area.


You have to prevent leaking to avoid these accidents. Always have your appliances checked on a regular basis. You should only have them checked by engineers and other experts. It is also a good idea to keep an alarm specifically for carbon monoxide poisoning.


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