Ideal Combi Boilers Overview

In modern homes, efficient and compact heating solutions are increasingly crucial for maximising living space, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing utility costs. Combi boilers, which combine space heating and hot water supply in one unit, have emerged as a popular choice for their ability to meet these needs without occupying the extensive space traditional systems require.

Ideal Heating has established itself as a leading manufacturer in the combi boiler market, recognised for its commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability. Offering a range of combi boilers designed to suit various household sizes and demands, Ideal Heating emphasises the importance of reliability, efficiency, and ease of use in its products. With a focus on developing compact, high-performance boilers, Ideal Heating caters to the modern homeowner’s needs, ensuring comfort and convenience while minimising environmental impact.

Combi Boilers

Combi boilers, or combination boilers, represent a highly efficient heating and hot water solution in one compact unit. Unlike traditional systems that require separate water heaters and boilers, combi boilers heat water directly from the mains whenever a tap is turned on. This means there’s no need for a separate hot water cylinder or cold water storage tank, which can save significant space in a property.

The benefits of combi boilers extend beyond their space-saving design. They are known for their energy efficiency, as they only heat the water needed, reducing energy wastage and potentially leading to significant savings on energy bills. This on-demand heating capability ensures that hot water is always available without the delay and energy loss associated with heating and storing a water tank.

Additionally, combi boilers offer a streamlined installation process and reduced maintenance requirements compared to traditional heating systems. With fewer components and pipework, the potential for leaks and failures is minimised, further enhancing their appeal to modern homeowners looking for reliable and cost-effective heating solutions.

Ideal Combi Boilers Overview - Manchester Plumbing and Heating (Sale)

Logic Max Combi Boiler

The Logic Max Combi Boiler represents the next evolution in Ideal Heating’s award-winning Logic range, introducing new features to enhance usability, performance, and aesthetic appeal. This model boasts a new, larger, high-resolution colour screen that simplifies boiler operation and monitoring, providing users with clear, easily navigable menus and settings.

Crafted with a sleek modern design, the Logic Max Combi Boiler is functional and visually appealing, complementing any home environment. Its compact size ensures a perfect cupboard fit, ideal for homes where space is at a premium.

Proudly manufactured in the UK, the Logic Max Combi Boiler underscores Ideal Heating’s commitment to quality and reliability. It’s designed to seamlessly integrate with the Halo smart programmable thermostat range, offering users enhanced control over their heating settings and the ability to adjust for increased energy efficiency and comfort.

A standout feature of the Logic Max Combi Boiler is its comprehensive 10-year parts and labour warranty, offering homeowners peace of mind and assurance in their investment’s lasting performance and reliability. This warranty reflects Ideal Heating’s confidence in their product and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Vogue Max Combi Boiler

The Vogue Max Combi Boiler from Ideal Heating exemplifies the perfect fusion of style and functionality, designed to meet the aesthetic and performance expectations of the modern homeowner. This boiler is based on the sophisticated Vogue GEN2 range, enhanced with additional features that elevate its appearance and utility.

With its elegant design, the Vogue Max Combi Boiler integrates seamlessly into any home décor, offering a heating solution and an element of contemporary style. Despite its stylish exterior, the boiler is built for functionality, featuring a compact fit that allows for easy installation in standard kitchen cupboards.

One of the most significant advantages of the Vogue Max Combi Boiler is its extended 12-year parts and labour warranty, one of the longest available in the market. This warranty underscores Ideal Heating’s confidence in their product and gives homeowners added assurance regarding their investment.

The boiler is noted for its low lift weight, making installation and maintenance more manageable and less intrusive. Ease of use is another key feature, with multi-function buttons and intuitive controls that simplify operation for users of all technical abilities.

A standout component of the Vogue Max Combi Boiler is the high-quality brass system filter. This addition is crucial for protecting the central heating system against debris and corrosion, ensuring long-term efficiency and reliability. Through these features, the Vogue Max Combi Boiler represents a top-tier choice for homeowners seeking a blend of design, performance, and durability.

Vogue Gen2 Combi Boiler

The Vogue Gen2 Combi Boiler by Ideal Heating showcases cutting-edge technology and high-quality construction to deliver superior heating performance. Central to its user experience is the backlit 3.5” LCD full-colour display, which offers clear visibility and easy navigation through the boiler’s settings and functions. Including multi-function buttons further enhances the user interface, allowing straightforward control over the heating system.

Emphasising a compact design, the Vogue Gen2 Combi Boiler is engineered to fit seamlessly within the spatial constraints of modern homes, including kitchen cupboards, thereby preserving living space without compromising performance. This boiler is constructed using premium components, ensuring durability and efficient operation. These high-quality materials contribute to the boiler’s robustness and facilitate a smoother, more reliable heating process.

Ideal Heating backs the Vogue Gen2 Combi Boiler with a substantial 10-year warranty, reflecting its confidence in its longevity and commitment to customer satisfaction. This warranty gives homeowners peace of mind, knowing their investment is protected against unforeseen issues. The Vogue Gen2 Combi Boiler is a premium option for those seeking the next step in domestic heating intelligence through its advanced features, compact size, and use of premium materials.

Logic+ Combi Boiler

The Logic+ Combi Boiler by Ideal Heating is distinguished by its award-winning efficiency and compact design, earning accolades such as the Quiet Mark Award and recognition from Good Housekeeping in both 2013 and 2017. These awards testify to the boiler’s exceptional performance, quiet operation, and the trust it has garnered among consumers and industry experts.

Designed to fit discreetly within the confines of a kitchen cupboard, the Logic+ offers a space-saving solution without sacrificing the power and efficiency needed to heat modern homes effectively. Its energy-saving modulating operation adjusts the boiler’s output to match the home’s heating demand precisely, ensuring optimal efficiency and reducing wasted energy. This capability not only lowers energy bills but also minimises the environmental impact.

Ideal Heating further supports the reliability of the Logic+ Combi Boiler with extended warranty options, including a 7-year standard warranty and an impressive 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger. These warranties reflect the manufacturer’s commitment to quality and give homeowners added confidence in their investment. The Logic+ Combi Boiler represents an intelligent choice for homeowners seeking a reliable, efficient, and discreet heating solution through its award-winning efficiency, compact design, and robust warranty offerings.

Ideal Combi Boilers Comparison

Selecting the suitable Ideal Combi Boiler for your home involves considering several factors, such as home size, heating requirements, and personal preferences.

Feature Logic Max Combi Vogue Max Combi Combi C26 Combi C32 Combi C40
Output Options (kW) 24, 30, 35 26, 32, 40 26 32 40
Weight (Packaged) kg 32.8 – 33 40.1 – 43.4 37.6 38.9 40.9
Max Installation Weight kg 28.5 – 28.6 32.4 – 35.4 32.4 33.8 35.4
CH Output Min/Max @ 70°C (kW) 4.8-24.2 3.7-32.0 3.7 – 18.0 4.6 – 26.0 5.7 – 32.0
DHW Output Max (kW) 24.2 – 35.3 26 – 40 26 32 40
DHW Flow Rate @ 35°C Rise (l/min) 9.9 – 14.5 10.6 – 16.4 10.6 13.1 16.4
SEDBUK Rating (%) 91.1 91 – 91.1 91 91.1 91
NOx Classification Class 6 Class 6 Class 6 Class 6 Class 6
LPG Conversion Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Max Flue Length (Horizontal/Vertical) m 9 / 7.7 10 / 10 10 / 10 8 / 10 8 / 10
Efficiency Class A A A A A
Seasonal Space Heating Energy Efficiency (%) 94 93 92.7 93.1 93
Sound Power Level Indoors dB(A) 46 – 50 47 – 50 47 50 49
Water Heating Energy Efficiency Class A A A A A


Selecting the appropriate Ideal Combi Boiler is crucial for ensuring efficient heating and hot water supply in your home. Consider the size of your home and your specific heating requirements when choosing.

Home Size Heating Requirements Recommended Ideal Combi Boiler Model
Small (1-2 bedrooms) Lower heating and hot water demand Logic Max Combi 24
Medium (2-3 bedrooms) Moderate heating and hot water demand Logic Max Combi 30 or Vogue Max Combi 26
Large (3-4 bedrooms) Higher heating and hot water demand Logic Max Combi 35 or Vogue Max Combi 32
Very Large (4+ bedrooms) Very high heating and hot water demand Vogue Max Combi 40

Note: The above recommendations are based on typical home sizes and heating requirements. It’s important to consult with a professional Ideal heating engineer to assess your specific needs and ensure the most efficient and suitable boiler selection for your home.

Ideal Boiler FAQs

Q: What Does Combi Boiler Size Mean?
Combi boiler size refers to its output capacity in kilowatts (kW), not its physical dimensions. The output determines the amount of water the boiler can heat efficiently. Ideal Heating’s combi models range from 24 to 40kW to accommodate various home sizes and hot water needs.

Q: What Does kW Output Mean For A Combi Boiler?
A kilowatt (kW) measures power generation, with 1 kW equalling 1,000 watts. For combi boilers, the kW rating indicates the maximum power output per second for heating water. Higher kW units can heat more water faster, which is suitable for larger homes or higher demand.

Q: What Size Combi Boiler Do I Need For My Home?
Selecting the right size depends on your home’s size, number of radiators, and baths/showers. Ideal Heating offers a boiler selector tool to recommend models based on your requirements. Note that renovations might necessitate a larger boiler.

Q: How Many Radiators Can A 24kW Combi Boiler Run?
A 24kW combi boiler can efficiently heat up to 10 radiators, which is ideal for smaller homes.

Q: How Many Radiators Can A 28kW Combi Boiler Run?
A 28kW model can support approximately 10-15 radiators, fitting for medium-sized homes.

Q: How Many Radiators Can A 32kW Combi Boiler Run?
For larger homes with 15-20 radiators, a 32kW combi boiler is recommended.

Q: What Size Combi Boiler Should I Choose For A One-Bedroom Flat?
A 24 – 27kW combi boiler is typically sufficient for a one-bedroom flat with minimal hot water and heating demands.

Q:What Size Combi Boiler Do I Need For A 3 Bedroom House?
A 28-34 kW combi boiler, like the Vogue Max Combi 32kW, is suited for three-bedroom homes with moderate to high hot water and heating needs.

Q: What Size Combi Boiler Do I Need For A 5 Bedroom House?
A system boiler with a separate hot water tank might be more appropriate for larger homes to meet the higher hot water demand.

Q: What Happens If My Combi Boiler Is the Wrong Size?
Choosing an improperly sized combi boiler can lead to inefficiency, increased costs, or inadequate heating and hot water supply. It’s crucial to select the correct size for your needs.

Q: What Is The Physical Size Of A Combi Boiler?
Combi boilers are compact since they don’t require separate hot water tanks, making them suitable for smaller homes or limited spaces.

Don’t let a boiler breakdown disrupt your home comfort. At Manchester Plumbing & Heating (Sale), we specialise in quick and efficient Ideal boiler repairs and servicing, ensuring your system runs smoothly all year round. Our Gas Safe Registered experts are ready to provide friendly and professional support tailored to your needs. Trust us to keep your home warm and cosy, especially when it matters most. Contact us today for unparalleled service in Manchester!


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