Ignition Error Repaired on Worcester Bosch

Worcester Bosh’s boiler kept cutting out and displayed an ignition error.


  • Winston Close, Sale M33 6UG

Property Type:

  • Semi Detached

Boiler Type:

  • Worcester Bosch

Ignition Error Repaired on Worcester Bosch - Manchester Plumbing and Heating (Sale)

Job Report

Gas Type: Natural Gas

Problem: The boiler was cutting out with an ignition error.


  • Boiler was cutting out on ignition.


  • Blocked condensate/sump.

Repairs Performed:

  • Cleaned condensate trap and sump.


  • Boiler is now operating normally and should continue to do so for the years to come.
  • Going forward we recommend that the boiler is serviced annually to prevent a boiler repair emergency.

Additional Information:

Advised the customer to have their boiler serviced each year to prevent any further breakdowns. Routine maintenance prolongs the life of a boiler.
The system required dosing with an anti corrosion inhibitor.

A visual inspection and check of the boiler was carried out, followed by a gas safety check and a flue gas analysis.
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