Is Your Old Boiler Dying?

Do you need to replace your boiler because it is dying?

Or maybe your boiler is already dead, and you need immediate replacement for it. In this case you are probably looking for a boiler installation company. I am going to share 3 tips to find great boiler installation companies for less money.

Tip# 1:

Look for boiler installation companies in off -season. This is when they have less business so you have more boiler installation companies available.

This leaves room to negotiate a good deal with them. In short, if you were to hire boiler installation companies in off season you have leverage to negotiate and bring the installation price down because they would rather take less money than no money.

Tip #2:

Go to Google and type: “boiler installation companies”. You will see a list of companies. Read their reviews in detail and weed out anyone that has bad reviews and short list three or four companies that have good reviews. Reach out to all four companies and let them know you need to replace the boiler and what boiler you want to install next. Then have them submit a quote in writing.

Let them know that you have reached out to multiple companies and will offer the job to the one who offers best terms. This competition will get you the lowest rates possible because they want your business. Most companies offer a certain duration of warranty for the boiler installation. Since you are hiring them in off season try to negotiate and have them extend the duration of warranty they are offering or get some additional free maintenance. All of these little things will save you money in the long run which in turn will bring down the cost.

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