Noisy Baxi Duo Tec Boiler Repair

Baxi Boiler not working correctly and the customer was concerned that it was quite noisy when running.


  • Glebelands Road, Sale M33 6LQ

Property Type:

  • Mid Terrace

Boiler Type:

  • Baxi Duo Tec

Noisy Baxi Duo Tec Boiler Repair - Manchester Plumbing and Heating (Sale)

Job report

The boiler was noisy when running so we checked the following:

  • Ignition electrodes
  • Fan
  • Pump
  • Ignition leads
  • Gas valve etc

Upon inspection we found that the condensate trap was full with debris. This caused a build up of material in the bottom of the heat exchanger and cleaned this out thoroughly.

The condensate trap was removed, cleaned and the seals were lubricated with silicone and the ignition electrodes were also cleaned.

We ran the boiler and carried out a flue gas analysis.

The boiler seemed to be working correctly with a final visual inspection and check of the boiler repairs carried out, followed by a gas safety check and a flue gas analysis.
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