Old Worcester Bosch Boiler Replaced with Vaillant 825 Combi

A customer asked us to replace their 15yr old Worcester Bosch RSF boiler as it was becoming unreliable.


  • Westminster Close, Sale M33 5WZ

Property Type:

  • Detached 4 Bed House

Boiler Type:

  • Worcester Bosch RSF replaced with Vaillant 825 Combi Boiler

Old Worcester Bosch Boiler Replaced with Vaillant 825 Combi Boiler - Manchester Plumbing and Heating (Sale)

Job Report

Removed the old Worcester RSF boiler and flue and installed a Vaillant 825 combi boiler with a vertical flue. We also supplied and fitted an Adey Magnetic Micro Filter.

Fitted a new Honeywell T3r wireless programmable room thermostat with stand and wired in the new controls and power to the boiler.

Cleaned the system and pipework with our Kamco power flushing machine and checked the new boiler installation for correct operation and bled all the radiators.

We gave the customer a tutorial on how the boiler and thermostat worked and explained to the customer on how to top up the system in the event of the system losing water pressure.

Commissioned the new system and registered the new boiler warranty with Vaillant and carried out a gas safe notification.


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