The Importance of Proper Drainage

When there is water leakage in your home, there is a problem anywhere in your pipe system. This is why proper drainage is important in any house. Most homeowners use the basic systems and methods for proper plumbing. You can usually find the main water line in the foundation of a home. Then, it will go to the hot water system. The water heater is the one responsible for providing hot water for the house. From this central system, the water piping will provide and supply hot water to other appliances in the house.

How a drainage system works

A lot of people do not know how a drainage system is working. They just know that releasing water from the sink is drainage. They think flushing a toilet will make the water go away. But, there is something more than that. Proper drainage will help remove this water waste from your home. The appliance in your home has its own drainage line. These lines will converge into one main line. The main line will then remove the water from your house to the community drainage system.

Those who reside in the suburbs or urban areas may experience a more basic system. Those who get their water from the municipality will also drain the water or waste into a municipal system. This is usually called as the sewers. In some areas, houses have their own septic tanks. These tanks must be pumped out once every 10 years or earlier. This is to prevent any backlogs or problems into the drainage system.

Function of a filtering system

Each drainage system includes a filtering system. This is considered as the most important component of drainage. Some people even call it as a trap. You should not take these for granted. The filter system is there to trap solid wastes. It will also trap water from the inside. This is good at preventing sewer gases from going back inside the house. The installation of a filter system is quite complicated. There should be a threaded fitting to keep it in place.

Importance of a Ventilation System

The next thing to consider is the ventilation system. It is an important component of a drainage system. The vent is allowing the water to pass easily into the drain. In some areas of the house such as the roof, the vent is the one responsible for drainage. Pitch is also important. The steeper the angle, the better will the flow of water is in your home

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