Removal of Old Gloworm Boiler and New Vaillant Boiler Installed

The customer’s old Gloworm boiler was continually breaking down and was unreliable. We were asked to install a new reliable boiler with a long guarantee. The 15 year Gloworm boiler was removed and replaced with a new Vaillant Combi boiler.


  • Hulme Hall Road, Sale M33 3HX

Property Type:

  • 1960’s Semi Detached

Boiler Type:

  • Vaillant 635 Combi

Removed Gloworm Boiler and Replaced with Vaillant Boiler - Manchester Plumbing and Heating (Sale)

Job Report

Removed the Old Gloworm boiler which was non condensing an inefficient compared to modern boilers.

Fitted Vaillant 635 combi boiler with 7 years manufacturer’s warranty.(all parts and labour guaranteed by the manufacturer). Installed a New Adey Pro2 Magnetic filter to protect the system going forward.

Fitted condensate pipe to a drain point which was outside the property and a new Honeywell wireless programmable room thermostat.

Power flushed the entire system to clean out any sludge/contamination and dosed the system with 2 litres of anti corrosion inhibitor.

Commissioned the new boiler system and registered the 7 year warranty.

We carried out a gas safe notification.
The boiler was installed to comply with Gas Safety Regulations.


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