Repaired Ideal Logic Boiler Not Heating Water

A customer contacted us about their boiler, not heating water and wanted us to repair the boiler.


  • Dovestone Road, Sale, M33 6LE

Property Type:

  • Semi Detached

Boiler Type:

  • Ideal Logic +

Repaired Ideal Logic Boiler Not Heating Water - Manchester Plumbing and Heating (Sale)

Job Report

Gas Type: Natural Gas

Issue: Boiler Not Heating Water

Observation: The boiler wasn’t producing hot water, although it continued to provide heating.


Detected a faulty flow turbine.

Repair Actions:

Replaced the malfunctioning flow turbine.

Current Status:

The boiler is back to normal operation and is anticipated to remain so for the coming years.


Informed the customer about the benefits of annual boiler servicing to avoid potential future issues.

Additional Insights:

The customer mentioned they had been without hot water for several weeks. They expressed gratitude for resolving the problem during our first visit.

A thorough visual inspection of the boiler was conducted, along with a gas safety check and a flue gas analysis for full verification.


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