Replaced Keston Boiler with New Vaillant Eco Tec

The existing Keston boiler showed signs of age and frequently broke down. The boiler required expensive parts and repairs for it to carry on working. The customer decided they did not wish us to do the repairs and asked us to replace the boiler with a new condensing boiler with a good guarantee. The existing radiators in the property were not heating up properly and required our attention.


  • Fownhope Avenue, Sale M33 4RE

Property Type:

  • Mid Terrace Mews

Boiler Type:

  • Vaillant 637 Eco Tec System Boiler 37KW

Replaced Keston Boiler with New Vaillant Eco Tec - Manchester Plumbing and Heating (Sale)

Job Report

Removed the Old Keston boiler which was very inefficient and non condensing. Installed a new Vaillant boiler with 10 years manufacturer’s warranty (all parts and labour guaranteed by the manufacturer).

New Adey Pro2 Magnetic filter.
Fitted a new 28mm copper pipe gas supply to the new boiler which was around 30 metres in length.

Re configured the pipework around the boiler area to accept the new installation.
Installed a new condensate pipe to a drain point.

We carried out a full system power flush which cleaned all the existing pipework and radiators.
Dosed the system with an anti corrosion inhibitor.

Supplied and fitted a Nest Gen3 learning thermostat and stand to control the heating system.

Commissioned the system and registered the 10 year warranty with Vaillant.

We carried out a gas safe notification and boiler installed to comply with Gas Safety Regulations.

The central heating system was by-passing to a hot water cylinder which was restricting flow to the radiator circuit. This was disconnected and removed to improve to flow rates to the radiators. The radiators heated up correctly and worked as they should.
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