Restoration of Underfloor Heating System in Ashlands, Sale M33

Manchester Plumbing and Heating (Sale) successfully repaired an underfloor heating system that had been non-functional for over a decade in a semi-detached house at Ashlands, Sale. This job report details the diagnostic processes, repairs, and technological upgrades implemented to restore efficient heating to the property.


  • Ashlands, Sale M33 5PD

Property Type:

  • Semi Detached

Restoration of Underfloor Heating System in Ashlands, Sale M33 - Manchester Plumbing and Heating (Sale)

Job Report

The underfloor heating (UFH) system, a wet setup, had ceased to provide radiant heat throughout the home. Previous attempts by various professionals to rectify the issue had been unsuccessful, leaving the homeowner reliant on less efficient electric fan heaters.

Problem Identification:

The primary issues identified with the UFH system included:

  • Non-functional radiant heat in all rooms.
  • Ineffective controls, actuators, and wiring.
  • Broken zone valves impacting heat distribution.

1. System Rewiring and Control Upgrades:

  • Installation of a new Salus wiring centre to centralize and streamline system control.
  • Removal of all faulty actuators and complete rewiring of the UFH system.
  • Introduction of two new motorised Honeywell zone valves for precise control over heating and hot water.

2. Smart Control Integration:

  • Integration of the Nest Gen3 Learning Thermostat, enabling smartphone control and smart learning features to optimise heating schedules based on user habits.

3. System Testing and Validation:

  • Post-repair testing confirmed restored radiant heat delivery to all rooms, indicating successful repairs.

Additional System Maintenance:

  • Executed a full system power flush to cleanse the pipework and boiler from debris and contamination.
  • Added an anti-corrosion inhibitor to prevent future issues and maintain system integrity.

The underfloor heating system at Ashlands, Sale is now fully operational, providing efficient and evenly distributed heat throughout the home. Integrating advanced controls and smart thermostats enhances user convenience and saves energy by optimising heating times and temperatures.


  • Regular annual servicing of the underfloor heating system is recommended to ensure continued efficiency and to prevent potential future disruptions.


With these significant upgrades and repairs to the underfloor heating system, it is expected to provide reliable and comfortable heating for many years. Manchester Plumbing and Heating (Sale) is committed to delivering experienced heating solutions and ensuring customer satisfaction.


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