Vokera Boiler Replaced with a Baxi 830 Combi Boiler

Vokera boiler was very old and was not producing a hot water demand unless the central heating was on. The customer wanted a reliable boiler with 10 years warranty.


  • Russel Place, Sale M33 7LD

Property Type:

  • 2 Bed Flat

Boiler Type:

  • Vokera Boiler Replaced with a Baxi 830 Combi Boiler

Vokera Boiler Replaced with a Baxi 830 Combi Boiler in Sale - Manchester Plumbing and Heating (Sale)

Job Report

We removed the old Vokera boiler and installed a Baxi 830 combi boiler with 10 years manufacturer’s warranty.
We reconfigured the pipework to the boiler (for aesthetic reasons) and fitted an Adey micro magnetic filter.

A new 22mm gas supply was fitted from the gas meter in the basement to the kitchen area at the back of the property.
A full system power flush was carried out to clean the system from any flux, sludge or contamination.

The system was correctly dosed with an anti corrosion inhibitor.
We showed the customer how to work the new controls and top up the system if needed in the future.

A programme was set on the new controls to suit their lifestyle.
We explained some of the error codes appertaining to the boiler and what they actually mean.

Commissioned the new system and registered the warranty with Main.

We carried out a gas safe notification. The boiler was installed to comply with Gas Safety Regulations.

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