Tips to Prevent Boiler Repairs Costs

The boiler could break down any moment and when you are least expecting it. In order to prevent unwanted events taking part of your life, you could use some tips that can help you in the boiler repairs and prolong the life of your boiler. In winter season when you have to let the boiler stay longer to heat the water, the mechanism is operating more and something might go wrong. If you don’t want to replace some parts on it all the time, you need to know some tricks that might be handy for you.

Annual service

If you want to ensure that your boiler is functioning perfectly well, you need to provide annual services in order to be checked by a professional. The boiler repairs would cost a lot more than the annual checks, so if some minor fault happens that can lead to some break down of your boiler, it can be seen earlier and prevented on time. The carbon monoxide could be a fatal fault that can cause a serious breakdown, so practice the regular checks and avoid additional headaches.

The pressure of the boiler

You will have to provide some time in order to check the pressure of the boiler even if it works perfectly. The pressure is an indicator that something went wrong and it will take you only a few seconds. There is some recommended level for each boiler pressure, so you must nod add more than the recommended one, it might burst the water pipes.

Checking the colour of the flame

If you want to ensure that the boiler is working perfectly, you will have to check the colour of the flame, it should be blue. If the colour is smoky or yellow, it means something is wrong with the boiler and that needs some boiler repairs.

Maintenance tips

So, how to maintain your boiler if you don’t want extra costs? You can always practice some tips, like checking the air vents and flues. If the air vents are blocked, the boiler will not work properly, and this is usually present at the gas boilers. The dirt can collect in the vents and block them, so you can inspect the flues and the vents from time to time in order to assure that no blockage is done.

Checking the water level is also important, so if the boiler is being functioned without water in the supply, it can easily damage it and cause some serious issues that are hard to repair. Make sure that the pilot light is on when you are checking the level of the water and if it is below the minimum level, you will have to correct the faults.

You also need to check if there are some leaking points from where the water is leaking since the fuel and the gas might leak thorough it, especially from the valves. This will require some additional adjustments and if you notice some damaged parts you will have to provide the needed service for the boiler.

The lubrication is also important in order to have the smooth operation of the boiler. Make sure that you regularly lubricate it if you want to support the work capacity.

Clearing dust and flushing is essential because it can prevent the boiler the performance of the regular operations. You can check if there is some dirt in it and pay particular attention to those parts where the highest possibility of accumulating dust is. From time to time you can clear all of the water from the boiler, and repeat it few times. You can do it after the winter period which is also recommendable by the plumbers when the boiler was working at full capacity.


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