What to Check When Buying a New Shower

Buying a shower can be quite a challenge for a lot of people. There are just various kinds of showers in the market. You might be able to find various types in your area alone. To help you out with your search, here are a few things that you need to check before you purchase a new one.

Shower Types

Electrical type – This is a kind of shower that is very quick and easy to attach. You do not need to get a different feed for the heated water. This type of shower has its own heating function. If you need showers for another bathroom, this is the kind that you should consider.

Mixer type – This also involves quick installation due to the fact that it mixes hot and cold water feeding.

Thermostat type – For those who want the best kind for young kids or older people, this is the kind that you should get. The water will be kept at a constant according to the temperature that you want.

Eco type – This is perfect if you want the limitation of the flow of water.

Digital type – This involves a more sophisticated installation due to the presence of a panel control.

Water System

You should consider the kind of water system in your home before you make a decision. If you have an unvented hot water kind, you will require a big cylinder. You might also have the highly common combination boiler, which does not require more tanks. You might also have a gravity water system, wherein a pump is required for added pressure.

Another thing that you should check is the space. How much space do you have in your bathroom? This is something that you should also consider before you choose a particular shower type. Make sure that you get the measurement of the available space.

You can consider various kinds, including shower trays, walk-in showers and over the bath types.


Your budget is also important in your decision. Make sure that you look for a reasonably priced shower type in case you have a tight budget.

Bathroom Fitting

Lastly, make sure that the shower will have a perfect fit. Otherwise, you might have problems with the spacing.

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